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Potential Project #75


Potential Project #75

-Childrens Book

-Children's bedtime story about a little girl using her imagination to get ready for bed. Target audience is children (girls) age 7 and under. Approximately 14 pictures (including front and back cover). Needs finished with 6 weeks.

-More info:
I am looking for an illustrator for my second book. My first book, “Just one more, please!” , about a little boy, was illustrated by my brother, who’s schedule does not permit his working with me on this book. “Just one more, pretty please!” is the follow up about a little girl who uses her imagination to get ready for bed, her real life and imagination intertwined in the picture. 

I am looking for a hand drawn cartoony feel, as this book is for children under age 7.  The little girl would have long hair and her room would be fairly stationary throughout the book, except each corresponding verse would add something to the picture. I have included a verse from the book below. In this picture I would be looking for her room (window, dresser, toychest) and the little girl with braided hair, maybe in a baseball uniform nightgown and part of her floor is a baseball field. 

I need to braid my hair
And score a homerun
The sweet dreams
My adventures have just begun

I would like to see what you would come up with (just a sketch, black and white) to see if we would be a good fit.

-Budget: 200usd

-If you are interested please leave a reply and send an email with the sample to:

Fixel Studio

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